As Photographers, we create a reality. We are not merely the ones who stand behind the camera, putting moments into frames; We are also the ones who bring them to life, framing them in eternity.

The ability to process a frame, post photography; to highlight or blur certain parts in it, to convert, emphasize or soften, only accentuates the aspect of 'creation' over the aspect of 'documentation' in our work as photographers.

Art to me is a “ticket to immortality”; it transcends the natural existence of any individual, making the individual live on in the minds of others.




Pictures from an exhibition recently held in Tel Aviv, entitled "A Tale of Three Cities", featuring photographs from Berlin, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. I was hoping to bring forth the differences among the three- but also the similarities which I had come across while wandering through the streets of these metropolitan giants. It had been my first solo- exhibition.