It's all about photographs.
Our world is created by the images of our mind. I share mine with you here.

My passion is capturing moments, the more natural and distilled - the better. It's a privilege to have someone entrust their most precious moments with me, I do not take this commitment lightly- I assure you- be it a wedding, the celebration of the birth of a child, a family gathering, or just a day around the house. These precious ones are everywhere... I am lucky to be able to frame them and bring them to life yet again.Enjoy.

Originally from Tel Aviv, currently living in Berlin. I try and deliver my subjects of photography as natural as possible, I love to make people feel comfortable in front of my lens.

I photograph street, events and professional portraits. 


Wunderschöne Momente geschehen überall um uns herum. Es ist für mich ein besonderes Privileg, wenn man mir diese besonderen Momente anvertraut - sei es eine Hochzeit, die Geburt eines Kindes, ein Familientreffen oder einfach nur ein gemeinsamer Tag mit der Familie. Gerne halte ich diese Momente fotografisch fest, damit sie noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben. 

Dana Schwartz - Familien, Event und Porträt Fotografin.